International festival year 'Play with me'

Most probably, each of us has already said 'Play with me' as an invitation to gather. Playing is what makes people much more equal, as we enter these situations in a more relaxed manner than in other life situations. Playing in itself is one of the first activities that we get to know and as such it is still very much genuine.

Connecting through playing is also one of the key principles of all the events within The international festival year 'Play with me'. All its events support social integration or inclusion of children, teenagers and adults with special needs with the rest of the population.

International festival year 'Play with me' is organised by The Special Education Centre Janez Levec Ljubljana and Association of inclusive culture.

All the activities gather a great number of participating schools, institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and individuals, together with many other people who become a part of these events by coincidence.

All the events are taking place in very frequent locations, such as Ljubljana's Congress Square, Tivoli Park, Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre and many others.

The events are mainly dedicated to ...

The events are mainly dedicated to children and youngsters, especially those with special needs. Due to not knowing the population our society is still full of prejudices which believe that people with special needs are incompetent and different instead of getting to know their qualities and the similarities between us.

The events offer a unique opportunity of bringing one and the other closer together, regardless of age, education and other specifics. They are a great way of connecting and getting to know eachother through common activities by which grounds for a more understanding and open society are being build.